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Private, internal and intra-office online appointment books are available.

Add multiple columns to a single appointment book or create multiple appointment books.

Perfect for reception, dispatch services, franchises, clinics, salons, spas or any organization that wants to integrate private or online booking into their operating framework.

Will accommodate local, national and international business structures.
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: unlimited appts
: unlimited clients
: add offline clients
: repeating appts
: fast rescheduling
: custom hours
: assign managers
: set IP access
: home pages
: appt calendars
: google maps
: CSV data backup
PayPal Enabled
B2B transactions use PayPal's secure web site payments standard. Visa Mastercard Amex accepted.
Extend Firefox
MyNA quicklinks will add bookmarks to Firefox for fast system access.
The profman extension will help you organize client data.


Online Appointment System Updates

This page lists the more noteworthy system updates. Owners can contact one of our administrators directly for more information. All other information requests can be submitted via our contact form.

Punctually yours,
MyNA Support.

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Jul 2014: Outgoing Email
- updated PHPMailer library to 5.2.8
- SPF is active and functioning properly
- will ensure delivery of appointment notices

Apr 2014: Navigation Calendars
- added two nav-calendars to service selection page
- replaced code for nav-calendars in month-view
- tweaked code and replaced nav-calendars in appointment book

Mar 2014: Appointment Reminders
- the page for processing client access requests has been streamlined
- server hardware replaced and all server software updated to current versions

Feb 2014: Repeat Appointments
- repeat appointments can now be viewed as a group
- the notes within each appointment group can be viewed seperately along with the appt details

Dec 2013: Appointment Reminders
- modified the two appointment reminders for clients
- one is sent at the time of booking and the other 24 hours prior to the appointment

Oct 2013: Client Help Video
- a client helper video is now included in the Help section of the Portal Page and Home Sites, for those who opt for online client booking
- click the YouTube logo to view our video channel

Aug 2013: Google Map
- for those who subscribe to the Google Map on their Home Sites, the map is now conpliant with touch screen devices

May 2013: Appointment Book Interface
- now uses DHTML with AJAX requests to enhance page-load speed
- lock columns in the open position when changing dates or click to display an individual column

Feb 2013: Security Audit
- upgraded security to latest PHP escape string routine
- this is a system wide security update

Jan 2013: Ajax Calendar
- updated week view and month view
- integrated AJAX requests for faster loading
- update includes page load indicator

Oct 2012: Appointment Calendar
- optimized with CSS styling mods
- revamped menu system and AJAX content
- faster page loads and easier navigation

Aug 2012: Replaced Main Menu
- replaced top Flash menu with CSS styling
- results in faster page loads
- more accessible for smart phones

July 2012: Faster Appointment Book
- most of the styling markup moved into CSS
- eliminated one database query for speed
- removed page compression

May 2012: Client Cancellations
- trusted clients can cancel their own bookings
- but now owners control the cancellation time limit
- trusted clients cannot cancel within that time limit

December 2011: Offline Client Data
- add non-member client data to the system
- then select a name when booking call-in appointments
- includes cumulative non-member appointment history

November 2011: Appointment Book
- reduced load time
- consistent ordering of $_GET variables
- corrected a date display issue in week-view

September 2011: Appointment Book
- total column display reduced from 8 to 6 columns
- result is quicker page loads with pagination every 6 columns

August 2011: Appointment Book
- integrated custom time off for each column

June 2011: Calendar
- stopped client back scrolling in appointment book
- stopped client back scrolling in calendar

May 2011: Calendar Interface
- added week-view with detailed appt. info

April 2011: Calendar Interface
- extended month-view interface

March 2011: profman1.0.7-fx.xpi
- Firefox addon Client Profile Manager created

February 2011: Rescheduling
- rescheduling feature updated

January 2011: Client Registration
- minimized registration information

December 2010: Rescheduling
- rescheduling feature created

November 2010: Security
(update transferred and posted to forum)

September 2010: Firefox Extension
(update transferred and posted to forum)

July 2010: Repeat Appointments
- extended options for repeat appointments

June 2010: Chrome Browser Issue
- resolved CSS styling issue with Chrome

April 2010: Appointment Book Interface
- tool-tip updated with more appointment info