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Last Modified Jul 25 2014

MyNA Site Info : Privacy Policies


As of January 1 2004 the use of personal information in Canadian commercial activities has been protected by Federal legislation under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

As a Canadian Business we are obligated to apply this Act equally to personal information that is collected domestically as well as to personal information collected from members residing in the United States and abroad.

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has posted a guide to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

As a matter of good business practice we have fully implemented all recommendations contained in the first stage of PIPEDA. My Next Appointment is now and will remain strongly committed to the recommendations of PIPEDA, to protecting your privacy and to providing a safe online experience for all members and site visitors.

This Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected at this site. You are welcome to contact My Next Appointment with your concerns or questions relating to this privacy policy.

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Collection of Personal Information

To provide members with the most efficient and technologically advanced online appointment system, this site requires personal information in the registration process. Personally identifiable information such as name, phone number and e-mail address and demographic information such as gender, city and state must be collected. This site may also record the IP address, browser type, access time and in some cases the referring web site address. This information may be collected both during registration or in response to a specific user request.

Business members can choose to provide more or less accessibility in their set up options. For this reason each new membership is reviewed for the accuracy of posted information. We do this to protect the business members from abuse and to protect the integrity of this system. This is an internal process with safeguards and standard procedures in place to protect the personal information of each and every member.

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Reason for Collecting Information

Personal information is collected and used in the appointment booking process. In the event that a business needs to contact a client by means other than e-mail, the business will see the client's first name, last name, the client's city and state of residence, their phone number and appointment history. This information is made available only to those business members with whom that client has booked an appointment.

Personal information is also used to display personalized browser content to each member when they login to this site.

Personal information is used to send newsletters, surveys and web site updates to members who have opted to receive such correspondence. All members may, at any time, opt out of receiving this information.

This site may extend information or offers to members about a particular product or receive a fee for advertising space; however, personal information will not be divulged to any outside third party.

This site may produce reports that contain aggregate information, including but not limited to, demographic, geographic and site usage. This allows My Next Appointment to work more closely with our members and to provide content which is most relevant to the people who use this site and to gauge user trends. Personal membership information will never be include in any such report.

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Online Booking and Client Privacy

The online appointment book requires a login and does not reveal any personal information to any other site member except to the owner, manager or employee of that business. Where a member books an appointment all other members will see the word Booked.
  • Only the owner or manager or employee of the business with whom a client books an appointment can see that client's personal information such as their appointment details, name, phone number and geographic location.
  • All business members have been alerted on every page that displays a client's personal information that the information is to be protected. As a precaution, clients should only book appointments with known businesses.

When a client books an appointment they are granting that business access to their personal information.

Under all other circumstances, no member has access to any other member's personal information or e-mail address.

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Login Options

The main login form provides members with the option to remain logged in for return visits. All members can choose to remain logged in on their computer or require a login for each visit. To those who login to this site on a public computer it is strongly recommended that you require a login for each visit.

Do not login to this service with a persistent cookie on a public machine and do not login to this service on a public machine that has been equipped with a desktop caching program.

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Securing Personal Data

Personal information has been secured in this site's database with password protection. All passwords are encrypted to prevent identity theft and to prevent an unauthorized user from logging into this site. An administrator is the only person who can access raw personal data.

Internal reviews of security measures are conducted on a regular basis to maintain the highest possible level of security. All My Next Appointment administrators are aware of internal policies through regular training and communication.

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E-mail and Personal Information

Client members who have logged in can send e-mail to a business, but no business member can send e-mail to a client or contact a client member until that client has initiated contact with that business, either by booking an appointment or by logging in and sending an e-mail to that business member. The client's e-mail address will then be revealed to that business member, thereby allowing e-mail to be sent back and forth between those two members.

E-mail contact between two client members is not possible through this system. Clients remain anonymous to each other.

This site does retain the e-mail address of each member for system use only. This applies to all members, even if they request that their personal information be removed from the database. We do this to prevent that member from reusing the same e-mail address to apply for another membership.

If a member or site visitor voluntarily submits their e-mail address to My Next Appointment for direct contact, their e-mail address will be discarded once an administrator has complied with their request.

All member e-mail addresses and personal information remain in the database with password protection and password encryption to protect the identities of the members, to prevent unauthorized system access and to guard against identity theft.

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Disclosure Caveat

This site reserves the right to use or disclose personal information, with notice, as needed to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, to conduct investigations of consumer complaints or possible breaches of the law, to protect the integrity of this site or to cooperate in any legal investigation.

Please note. Any person posting false personal information in the registration process will be excluded from the protection provided by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. Persons who are deemed to have abused this system, this site or any of its members, will be logged and that person will be excluded from the protection afforded by that Act.

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Voluntary Disclosure of Personal Information

If you voluntarily disclose your personal information that information could be collected and used by others against you. For example, if you use chat rooms, forums, bulletin boards or any other unsecured electronic medium where you reveal personal information, you may receive unsolicited messages from others. Outside of this system we are not responsible for how or where you divulge your personal information.

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Browser Cookies

Your browser offers cookies which, if you allow their use, will store small amounts of data on your computer when you visit a web site. This domain will attempt to set two [2] cookies on your browser in the public area of this site.

MyNA Visitors
DURATION: 10 hours

COOKIE NAME: cookieid
DURATION: 28 days

Neither of these cookies by themselves can be used to discover the identity of anyone. This site can be viewed when cookies have been disabled in your browser, but without cookies the advanced features of this site will not be available.

It is only when a person becomes a member at and logs in will additional cookies be set. The login forms for each of these areas provide users with the option to set either a sessional or a persistent cookie.

MyNA Members
COOKIE NAME: myna_un
DURATION: 1 year or sessional

COOKIE NAME: myna_pw
DURATION: 1 year or sessional

The cookie myna_un will store an unencrypted username with encoded cookie duration information.

The cookie myna_pw will store an encrypted password with encoded cookie duration information.
By accepting those cookies you will provide the system with the ability to identify you, give you access to system features, provide you with your appointment history and give you the ability to edit your personal information.

Please note that My Next Appointment is not responsible for lost or stolen login information. Each member is responsible for taking the necessary steps to secure the integrity of their membership by protecting their login information.

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Contact from Children

This site may receive contact information, e-mail or otherwise, from children without prior parental consent or parental notification. This is unsolicited information and we do not collect the name of anyone, other than for use in conjunction with this online appointment system.

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Third Party Content

This site contains links to other web sites, including Paypal, Mozilla Addons and to business member web sites. My Next Appointment is not responsible for the actions or content of these other sites.

This privacy policy does not apply to information submitted to other web sites nor does it apply to information that does not originate directly from this domain. Any and all information users provide to other sites are governed by the rules and policies of that site. It is good practice to review the privacy policies of those other sites prior to submitting any personal information to those sites.

This site does not import nor display any third-party advertising. Among other things this also eliminates the possibility of cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

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Legal Jurisdiction

This site and the servers that make this site available for viewing are located in the United States of America. Any information provided to this site will be transferred to a server located in the United States. By visiting this site and submitting information to My Next Appointment you authorize this transfer.

Albeit, legal matters relating to this site are governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and by the laws of the Government of Canada.

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Updating and Removing Personal Information

All members can view and edit their personal information by logging into their Personal Appointment Center. That form can be used to update any information except your country and username.

In the event that a member has posted personal information and they would like to have that information removed from the system, that member must contact My Next Appointment directly. Please be reminded that the removal of personal information or the withdrawal of consent to use personal information will prevent that member from any further use of this online appointment system.

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Updates to this Policy Document

This Privacy Policy may be updated to maintain the highest levels of protection for members and to comply with changes in the legal environment. Periodic review of this policy page is recommended to ensure that you are aware of, and understand, current policies. The date of any material changes to this document will be prominently displayed at the time of posting and near the top of this page. Unless legally instructed to do otherwise, all policy changes will apply to the handling of previously collected personal information.

This Privacy Policy does not supersede the Terms of Use Agreement. This privacy policy and all content contained herein is copyright and may not be reproduced in whole or in part. If you have any questions about these policies or the practices of this site then please send us an e-mail.

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