Appointment System Overview
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Private, internal and intra-office online appointment books are available.

Add multiple columns to a single appointment book or create multiple appointment books.

Perfect for reception, dispatch services, franchises, clinics, salons, spas or any organization that wants to integrate private or online booking into their operating framework.

Will accommodate local, national and international business structures.
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It costs nothing to register and preview this online appointment system.

Once your setup is complete simply contact support for a free test drive.
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At A Glance

: unlimited appts
: unlimited clients
: add offline clients
: repeating appts
: fast rescheduling
: custom hours
: assign managers
: set IP access
: home pages
: appt calendars
: google maps
: CSV data backup
PayPal Enabled
B2B transactions use PayPal's secure web site payments standard. Visa Mastercard Amex accepted.
Extend Firefox
MyNA quicklinks will add bookmarks to Firefox for fast system access.
The profman extension will help you organize client data.


Appointment System Overview

The key to a successful online appointment system is that it must provide users with an efficient tool set. If your current system (including email requests) will not let you process confirmed appointments faster than a phone call then your technology consumes more of your time and fails the efficiency test.

At MyNA it takes zero seconds to safely process an online client booking. Once approved, clients can login and do their own scheduling within the time-date parameters of the business.

Please note that this system provides both private appointment systems and systems for online client booking. When clients book online they will see only booked or open time slots. They will not have access to any information other than their own.

- - - - -

This system presents structured appointment information in daily, weekly and monthly arrangements. All of the required data for critical scheduling has been well organized and clearly presented in all three formats.

Choose your own security level by setting your system to private, private with exclusive network access, or allow only known clients to book appointments. Finally, you can relax your security settings and simply require that clients reside in a specific city, district or country.

The image to the right displays the client click stream for those owners who opt for online client booking. View all of the system interfaces by following the links at the upper right corner of this page.

Saturday Feb 22 2020

The center portion of the navigation bar displays the selected date, with buttons to move forward and backward one day at a time. Three mini-calendars at the upper-right will let you open your appointment book at a specific date.

If you provide online client booking then clients cannot scroll backward from your current date. They can only view the current date and scroll forward.

The same limitation applies to client month scrolling in the appointment calendar.

Time slots and start times.

One click in an open time slot sets the appointment start time. Time slots which have passed will display two red dots and cannot be selected.

Past time slots will be marked as such when the page is refreshed. A timer will automatically refresh the appointment book every 30 minutes.

Time zone adjustments are automatic. Time will always display in the time zone of the business.

Rows and Columns

Owners can add any number of columns to their appointment book, with pagination occurring every 6 columns. Columns can be titled to match the name of an employee or technician or named to reflect a specific service. Duplicate titles are permitted.

Columns can be hidden from client view and retained for internal use. Clients will not see nor have access to hidden columns. These columns can be quickly identified by a green background in the column title.

Time segmentation down the left side of the appointment book can be set to 15, 20, 30 or 60 minute intervals.

Company Banner

A 360 x 60 pixel banner will appear at the top of the appointment book and other business related pages. If the owner permits client booking it will brand their pages and reassure clients they are on the correct path.

The Upper Mini-Calendars

The appointment book will display three mini-calendars at the upper right corner. These mini-calendars float across dates in unison and display the previous month, the current month and the following month.

The day numbers in each mini-calendar are active links and will move the appointment book to the selected date. The appointment book will initially open at the current date, relative to the business time zone.

Business Hours

The hours of operation, including lunch breaks and partial days, can be set for each day of the week. These weekly hours can then be overridden for any day of the year.

If the business is closed for an entire day then your custom CLOSED message will replace the appointment book for that date.

The Upper Tabs

The upper tabs are self explanatory and display according to the member's status. These include links to the control center, the business web site, a link to paginate to the next eight columns, a help link and a log out link.


Icons located at the top-left of the appointment book and appointment calendar provide quick visual links to the most important pages.

These pages include the appointment book and appointment calendar, the business contact form, the business web site and the user's private appointment center.