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How To Record Overlapping Appointments

Many appointment systems create confusion and appear cluttered when displaying overlapping appointments. These types of appointments occur during a color process in a salon, in chiropractic settings with an intermediary massage, and in many other service scenarios.

At MyNA there are three methods that will maintain a clean visual representation of these scheduling overlaps.

Method 1 - Extra Column

The first method is to use additional columns. The overlapping appointments will appear next to each other and the entry for Gavin's haircut will display as an independent appointment with all of his client details.

If the business provides online client booking then the 2nd column can also be hidden from client view and retained for internal use only (note the green title). Clients will not see nor can they book into hidden columns.

Using this method the overlapping appointment will display on all computers used by the business, including home, office and smart phone.

The drawback to this method is that it will increase the per annum cost by the number of additional columns required by each employee.

Method 2 - Postit Notes

A second method is to use a browser add-on or notation service that has the look and feel of a Postit note. These notes can be attached to a specific date and will load with the appointment book.

There are many browser add-ons, some of which have the ability to sync notes between multiple computers.

Mozilla Firefox FloatNotes
Google Chrome Sticky Notes
Opera Post It notes
Safari Sticky Notes

Internet Explorer users will require a third-party notation service.

The drawback to this method is that it will require technical knowledge to set up synchronization when accessing the system from multiple computers. As well, the second appointment will not be recorded with its own time-space ID within the appointment system.

Method 3 - Built-in Notes

A third method is to use the native note system. These notes can only be seen by the owner and managers and the notes will be visible when the mouse hovers on a name.

Notes can be edited and the last modified date and user will also be displayed.

The drawback to this method is that notes are not visible without mouse action. As well, the appointment will not have its own time-space ID within the appointment system.