Page Flow : The Client Click Stream
SaaS Software
Private, internal and intra-office online appointment books are available.

Add multiple columns to a single appointment book or create multiple appointment books.

Perfect for reception, dispatch services, franchises, clinics, salons, spas or any organization that wants to integrate private or online booking into their operating framework.

Will accommodate local, national and international business structures.
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It costs nothing to register and preview this online appointment system.

Once your setup is complete simply contact support for a free test drive.
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At A Glance

: unlimited appts
: unlimited clients
: add offline clients
: repeating appts
: fast rescheduling
: custom hours
: assign managers
: set IP access
: home pages
: appt calendars
: google maps
: CSV data backup
PayPal Enabled
B2B transactions use PayPal's secure web site payments standard. Visa Mastercard Amex accepted.
Extend Firefox
MyNA quicklinks will add bookmarks to Firefox for fast system access.
The profman extension will help you organize client data.


Page Flow : The Client Click Stream

The dividend of providing clients with the ability to book online is time saved. If you have to clarify and answer questions about the system, or if clients find it too difficult to use, then those dividends will quickly evaporate.

A value added service like online booking should be easy, convenient and faster than a phone call. That's what computers are for.

If you opt for online client booking then clients will begin at your home page or web site. Once they have registered they will follow the link to your appointment book.

As the owner you control access to your booking pages. Adjust the security settings and allow only those clients who you know and have approved for access, or select less strict security settings.

When clients view your appointment book they will see either open time slots or the word booked. Providing just this information, which times are open and which times are not, will empower the client and let them visually select their own start time.

This visual aspect is what makes My Next Appointment unique. One click sets the arrival time, the date and the service person.

The client then selects a service. The time to perform each service is set independently by each owner. All the client will need to do is select a service and book.

Each client will also have their own private appointment center and this will list all of their online bookings. Their private appointment center will also provide them with links to your web site, contact form, their appointment history and more.

This is how online booking should be... a smooth process that allows independent client confirmations.